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What We Do

As the media, tech and data engine that powers IPG Health, we add value at every stage of marketing communications. SOLVE(D) combines a startup entrepreneurial spirit with the capabilities and resources of a global, full-service, integrated communication network.

It all starts with our comprehensive data stack powered by

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Our Services

We architect and deliver personalized omnichannel experiences across touchpoints that drive meaningful connections and engagement between brands and their ideal audiences to influence perceptions and inspire behaviors that fuel impact and growth.

Our media experience allows us to provide end-to-end services that create competitive advantage for HCP and patient initatives.

Channels and Formats

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Our Products and Framework

We leverage a connected suite of applications to drive our data-informed, insight-led, and action-oriented approach.

Through our Know Me, Find Me, Move Me framework, we use a proprietary suite of advanced analytics offerings to understand what drives your High-Value Audiences (HVAs), embrace a dynamic approach based on location, media, and mindsets, and ultimately deliver personalized experiences that accelerate impact and growth.

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Audience Intelligence

Understanding people to make marketing really matter and to help brands grow

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Marketing Intelligence

Providing a platform to power applications and services that connect marketing and grow brands

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Activation Intelligence

Enabling better outcomes through conscious marketing; 
flexible activation that grows brands

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